She’s gorgeous isn’t she? Is she model? An actress? A singer? Rich and famous?
She’s a writer. Her name is Clarice Lispector and she is a new Muse.
At this rate I’m collecting Muses like I’m collecting cans. But I digress.
I had to read Soulstorm:Stories, Lispector’s collection of shorts. Well, it’s two collections in one book but … more digression.
She’s amazing. She’s inspiring and I’m sad that I discovered her during grad school. The reading pace is so rapid that I really have one week to read each book. Soulstorm is the type of book you really should read in a couple of weeks to really begin to understand her technique. But alas, I have to annotate and write a five page critical paper on Soulstorm and read two more books so I can’t really relish in her writing as much as I’d like.
I’m finding, however, that she is inspiring and has done something that no other writer has gotten me to do…write in third person. *Gasp* I know. Me in third person is like Katherine Heigl as a burnette. Oh wait…
Ok, third person. Gotcha.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.