A funny thing happens when I watch Donnie Wahlberg on screen.

I know that sentence is a set up for lots of dirty, funny jokes. In fact, several are coming to mind now but this is not that kind of review or post.
See, when I watch Donnie on screen my initial reaction is of course fangirl — “Oh, he looks good.” “Oh. he sounds good” “He’s so hot.”
But then, I forget. I forget to be a fan girl, completely in love with my favorite New Kid. I watch Donnie Wahlberg actor, not international pop star. I watch a transformation, a metamorphosis, an alteration. I get lost, completely and fully into someone who enjoys the craft of acting, a student at play.
That’s what you’ll get during Donnie’s performance in the In Plain Sight premiere on USA, March 31, 10/9 central. Donnie plays a guy who is in Witness Protection with his teen-aged son, after a deal gone wrong. They find themselves in ABQ under the protection of Mary and Marshall.
Sometimes I forget that this is a man who throws himself fully into his job, whether performing in front of a sold out crowd or in front of a camera. I should know better. With Donnie, it’s either all in or not at all.
It’s easy to see that work side of him here. Remember that transformation? It starts with the first scene and it starts with his voice. You know it’s him. We’ve heard that voice a million times. With that sound comes the initial omg-moment, and then, it’s down to business. Donnie is no longer Donnie but his character.
Oh, but this character is different. While Donnie’s thing is playing cops or some sort of hero, this character doesn’t have a badge. He doesn’t swoop in and save the day. He’s wonderfully flawed and an every man, which makes watching Donnie’s transformation all the more impressive.
Donnie as a bad guy? Yup. It works. But this character isn’t really a bad guy, he just does bad things for a good cause…his family. I guess in this way he’s an indirect hero. But I have to say, I like it. It’s a more subtle performance. More directive and he stretches his actor’s muscles a bit here.
This is a potential performance–there is potential here for him to do other parts. And I’d like to see him to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll enjoy anything that he’s in. I am after all a solider, a member of the family, but I think if there was any question of him being able to do dramatic roles without a badge, this clarifies it. He can. (BTW, love Kill Point. Guns. Donnie. What’s not to love?)
I want to see him challenged in every role because I know he’ll rise to it. More of his muscles, actor-wise, need to be flex. Homeboy has the chops no doubt, he needs the challenge. He needs more roles like this. And no doubt, challenges are his acting fuel
Now let’s talk about scary Donnie. Oh, yes, there is a scary Donnie and it’s magically delicious. Of course for obvious reasons but also for the fact that Donnie the actor is out in full force, playing with emotions, and doing what he does best.
Now let’s get all fangirl, which is my favorite part.
YES! Donnie is hot in this episode. Like on fire hot. He’s not in the entire episode. Remember, he’s a guest star. But In Plain Sight is a good show so enjoy the witty banter.
So, um, how do I say this….you know the BR voice? The nice soft whispery one right before the instrumental…it makes a 2.5 second cameo. You’ll know when.
The actress that plays his wife, you’ll be jealous of her. Promise. But not Boomtown jealous. But jealous nonetheless.
I don’t know about you but I LOVE Donnie with a gun. I just do. Le sigh. Gun Donnie is where it’s at.
Scary Donnie, ain’t no joke. He really is scary. But since I’m a homegirl, it was sorta fun to see him like this. Don’t want to see him like this in real life.
No glasses, no cap. Just him. Which is the best part.
Talking about best part — there is a scene in there that was just heartbreaking, where you know he was talking straight from the heart of a father. That scene brought chills.
There you have it. Hope I remembered everything. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll try to answer as much as I can.