Dear Mr. President,
Let me start out by saying that is not a political letter. See, I’m a reporter at a newspaper and I really can’t divulge my personal opinions on politics in a public forum such as this. 
But I can give my opinion on books and writing and that is why I’m writing.
Though I know that your visit to Iowa City was about the health care law, but I couldn’t help but notice you bought books from an independent book store.
That rocks so hard core! 
As a writer, future novelist, I am a fan of any place where people have access to literature (good and bad). Indie bookstores are amazing places run by folks who adore books and stories and authors. They are delicate, precious jewels that, in my world, need to exist. Publicly supporting one, no matter how ulterior the motives were, is just…wow! 
Thanks for the support of indie bookstores and I’m sure Mrs. Obama won’t be mad that you completely forgot to buy her a book. (Jewelry works better)