This scene from Glee takes me back to high school. Yes, I was in high school show choir. We were pretty good.
In fact so good, my senior year in high school we performed for the Texas Music Educator’s Association conference in San Antonio. That’s like going to state for us choir geeks.
But I really don’t remember the performance much. I remember bright lights and the Majestic Theatre being beautiful. But my memories of that time in my life are really about the years of preparation it took to get there.
I remember the rehearsals — before, during, and after school. I remember spending lots of lunch periods in the choir room. Voice lessons. Warm ups. Warming up in the car to school. Practicing when I got home. I remember knowing those notes and rhythm better than I knew my name. It was a time in my life when I learned a hard lesson — if you want it, to be the best, you gotta work for it. Hard.
It should consume you because you love it.
That so translates into my writing.
It’s 11 p.m. I’ve been writing since 11 a.m. Grad homework, blogging, and creative writing. I just finished a two hour break to watch, well Glee.
This episode reminds me of that time. That young Icess learning one of the most important lessons of her life.
Thanks for the reminder, Glee. Back to work I go.
Me in my choir dress, circa 1995.