So I have a couple of days to get homework done and in the mail to best advisor ever. Really the clock is ticking. There is barely enough time to do what needs to be done, not really anytime for anything extra. Yet…

My prequel to Jennie Manning is still on my computer’s desktop waiting to be opened and worked on. Manning is my character that I created in middle school. Since her creation, I knew we’d be friends for a long time. I love her. She’s a tough around the edges cop who is dedicated to family and what’s right, by any means necessary. Sarcastic, wonderfully flawed and broken. Her first novel length adventure was conceived several NaNoWriMos ago. See, the goal was to have the short story prequel completed and ready to rock and roll on the blog to introduce my first mystery character.

But then I got into grad school and here I am writing things that are more literary. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or anything wrong with genre fiction. I just miss Jennie and her world.

It’s just like missing the characters and the world of my first book. I missed those girls something awful. So much so that I wrote their prequel stories and even the beginning of their second part. It’s not for mass consumption. I only pull out those stories when I need to go visit.

So what I REALLY want to do now is go visit Jennie and play around in her world for awhile. But what I’m going to do is open up my annotation file and get ready to write about writing technique. Not that that isn’t sexy. But I miss Jennie.

Maybe one day we’ll have a nice long visit.