Meet my murder board

Behold the infamous murder board, or clue board, or whatever.

If you’re a fan of Castle, you’ve send something similar (better actually and bigger). Beckett likes to stare at it to look for answers. Castle has a high tech one.

Me, I have this nice dry erase board next to my desk.

So this is how I plot my murders. Don’t be alarmed. I keep them to the page. I find blood messy.

Anyway, this is for a short story I’m working on that introduces my detective character  Jennie Manning and her sidekick Sherlock. Yes, I named him after Sir Doyle’s man. It was either that or Alfred. Sherlock was more fun.

So this is what the case is so far. In case your wondering, I’m not giving away any thing away. I don’t even know who the killer is yet and how he or she will be caught, if they are caught.  *grin*

Let’s go through the parts of a murder board shall we?  In the middle is the victim with details we know about her. Don’t have physical description up there yet. Usually pictures take care of that but I may not have the space this time.

Then around the victim, I’ll have suspects and/or players in the case.  Under their names I write how they’re connected and what we know about them so far.  As you can see there is space for me to write more names and details as I continue writing the story.

Right hand side is the infamous timeline. Just like how Beckett and Castle work the case backwards…same concept. If the victim was killed at a certain time or place, recreating the last days and hours helps with flow of the story and believability. If your victim was killed at 4 am and the blood is already thickening, she wasn’t killed at 3:30, etc.

In the story, my character will have a similar board but here will be cooler, I promise.

And for the record, I was using murder boards before Castle (just so there isn’t any confusion later. he,he.)

So there you have it. A piece of my process as a fledging mystery writer.  Hope this helps some of y’all.

Happy writing!

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