Dreams are like a shiny new penny.

I know that comparison is a cliche. I’m full of them lately but hear me out.

A new shiny penny has promise. The penny is small in size and by its self it’s insignificant but add to 99 other pennies and it’s a whole dollar.

But they tend to rusty, get dull and even tired looking. Haggard.

Dreams are like pennies.

They start off shiny and new. Bright and perky. They have an us-against-the-world feel like nothing can blemish it.

But then reality sets in. Work. Responsibilities. You’re tired. You’re busy. And that dream that you had just keeps getting duller and duller.

Even though that dream is dull and rusted now, just like that penny, it’s still usable. Even with the rust, the outline of that shiny penny is still there. The only difference is that it’s aged.

So think about that the next time your dream has “rusted”.  Dream on, folks!

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