Hallmark doesn’t make cards for this and I’m not sure that it’s an actual holiday since I just did a Google search for it and nothing came up.

I think there should be a be nice to a graduate student day.

As a grad student myself, our lives are constantly full of turmoil. We cancel dinners, and outings and such to do homework until the wee hours of the morning.  Then we get up and go to work for a full eight hours.

What falls through the cracks…everything needed to just have a comfortable life like clean dishes and clothes,  food in the pantry, and general errands that have dropped so low on the to-do list they’re collecting dusty.

But I digress.

I think there should be a Be Nice To A Grad Student Day.  And I think we should establish it. May 26 should be that day. Why? Cause it’s far enough away from Mother’s and Father’s Day AND around the time that most semesters (except mine) are just about done. That’s when grad students an begin taking in some air but they’re still too tired to do the work themselves yet.

So help me out with is AWESOME new day. Be Nice to a Grad Student Day, it’s gonna be a thing!