I think Prince is wrong…but not entirely.

Yes. It’s a blog post. Don’t be alarmed. I am slowly making my way back to blog world and of course I have lots to tell and talk about.

So let me start with something that is near and dear to my heart…social media for writers.

During my residency week, Kristy Harding, my fellow grad schooler and I will be presenting a course about this very thing. But in this post, I’m going to approach it differently. I’m going to approach it like Prince would…well sort off.


See, musical genius Prince says the Internet is over. Genius or not he’s incorrect, however, one thing is always vogue…an artist’s ability to deliver their art to the masses.

That’s what is so interesting about the Internet, no? The ability to reach people, all sorts of people, whether you’ve met them or not. The ability to say, write, or create anything and then give it out to the world as a gift.

Use to be that musicians needed record labels. They still do to a certain extent. But an enterprising musician now can write, produce, record their own album. They can create a buzz and even put their creation on You Tube or ITunes.

Internet makes art accessible. That is the genius behind all this. All it takes is some savvy know how. For writers that holds especially true. With authors having to do more and more of their own promotions, they are in a position of power to direct their career wherever they so choose. We don’t have ITunes but we have Amazon’s Lulu.com. We have Kindles, and Nooks, and ebooks. We have websites and blogs and podcasts. We have book trailers and book posters. We have Twitter and Facebook.

We have choices. Amen!

Prince might have said the Internet is over but what I think he meant is that our usage of it as a means of gibberish is over.

This is power for the artist 1.0. The revolution has begun. Where are you?

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