So I am excited to have Margo Candela as a guest blogger to my blog tomorrow.

How excited am I?

Instead of finishing some work, I’m writing this post and I really don’t have to.

I know, right? Whoa!

Margo Candela has written four books with her latest, Good-bye to All That, picked as a 2010 best book in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine.  To read an excerpt, click here.

I had the pleasure of being able to read a copy of the book before it was released.  After a semester of reading Kafka and Kerouac, I was excited to read something just for the pleasure of it.  No annotation. No circling key phrases unless I wanted to. All pure fun.

And it was. This book is pure fun. Margo lives up to her slogan, writing modern women’s fiction the old fashioned way.

Here’s her bio.  And don’t forget to come back tomorrow when she highjacks guest blogs on my site.

She’s awesome. You’ve been warned.

I was born and raised in Northeast Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco to attend college. I ended up staying there for a decade before moving back home in 2005. My first three novels, More Than This (Touchstone, Aug. 2008), Life Over Easy (Kensington, Oct. 2007) andUnderneath It All (Kensington, Jan. 2007) are set in San Francisco.

More Than This was a Target stores Breakout Book and an American Association of Publishers national book club selection at Borders Books with Las Comadres. My current novel, Goodbye To All That (Touchstone, July 13, 2010) is my first novel set in Los Angeles and is the only novel picked by Los Angeles Magazine for it’s 2010 Best of L.A. list.