Being a good alumna!

Yes, this is my first post in a while and it’s not a writing post. That’s because I came across this Facebook post from one of my acquaintance, Russell Contreras, about the UH-UTEP  game. My beautiful Coogs are scheduled  to beat the Miners on Friday. Beat, yes. Like they owed them money.

Right or wrong, win or lose, I’m all about my alma mater. GO  COOGS!

Here’s his list. (And I GUESS there’s a writing connection cause Russ does have an MFA from Columbia U in non-fiction.)

Checklist for UTEP Miners going to Houston for UH-UTEP game.


1) Get in El Camino or Cutless Supreme for long drive on I-10. After 500 miles, wonder why you haven’t seen the New Mexico/Texas border yet. Then you remember: Oh yeah, El Paso is in Texas…not New Mexico.


2) Come across the big city of San Antonio and look in awe at a place that has more than one highway.


3) Pass the River Walk and wonder what all that blue stuff is. It’s called water.


4) Pass Seguin and wonder what all that green stuff is. It’s called trees and grass.


5) Stop at Flatonia gas station and wonder why you all of a sudden get sweaty every time you get out of the car. It’s called humidity. (And it will get worse.)


6) Hit traffic just outside of Katy, Texas and complain that this isn’t the bridge to Juarez, why should there be this much traffic?!


7) Drive in confusion that you’ve seen more than one Barnes and Noble on I-10. Hey! You thought this was an El Paso bookstore!


8) Look at Houston skyline for the first time and get scared until friendly man with his window down in traffic tells you not to worry, King Kong was about New York.


9) Stop at Ninfa’s to eat and get shocked that the Mexican food is so much better in Houston. Get laughed at when you ask for green or red chili. Look at awe of such “imported beers” like Shiner Bock and Sam Adams.


10) Go to UH-UTEP game, watch UH’s Case Keenum break passing records and complain that a football team shouldn’t be allow score more than 100 points in one game.

GO COOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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