A challenge to my readers: Tell me what to write

By Pink Sherbet Photography   D. Sharon Pruitt

As the deadline for my final packet of the semester looms and the procrastination stage of my process goes into high gear (Ipod right next to me, cat sleeping under the chair, and I am REALLY considering catching the midnight showing of Harry Potter later) I’ve realized that my posts on the blog have been entirely TOO serious.

Yes, my dear readers, I am in grad school and what I’m writing about (my thesis) is not funny. It’s actually quite serious.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun! I am fun a lover after all. Me and the fun, we’re like PB&J– we make sense! And as we ALL know, I have tons of fun on my Twitter account.

Anyway since it’s about to be the end of the semester and my schedule is loosening up I thought I do something fun for my readers.  Two previous posts (number 1 and number 2) were prompts that were given to me by an Ipod app. (more on that app later) and names given to me by my Twitter followers.

So here’s a challenge to all my readers-I will write a short, short story 250-700 words based on info you give me. Submit in the comments section of this post some details of what you want me to incorporate in my story. Fill out the following:

Who: (give names and a characteristic)
Where: (a place)
What does: (what action)
The secret: (what big reveal or small reveal needs to be in the story.)

I’ll pick the best one from the comments and I’ll write a story and post it Monday, Nov. 29.

So I dare you to post some suggestions and see if I pick yours. The winner will win something fabulous that’s yet to be determined but it’ll be cheap GREAT.

Go ahead. Tell me what to write!

3 thoughts on “A challenge to my readers: Tell me what to write

  1. Who: Percy, a talented but reclusive writer whose muse is his feisty and gregarious cat, Oscar.Where: Percy's apartment, just outside of Spokane, Wash.What does: Percy has a writing deadline that has snuck up on him and his annoying case of writer's block. He has 24 hours to turn in a rough draft of his half-finished manuscript, or he must return his four-figure advance (LOL)The secret: The answer to his dilemma is right under his nose — if he would only open his eyes and see it.


  2. The last writing prompt I gave during my writing group was this: Look around you and find an object that grabs your attention, then write about the person who is making it. It turned out well, with most everyone going on to finish it as a short. SO, I'll transform it for you by looking around my house right now.Who: A photographer in IrelandAction: Eating a meal with a 13 year old girl in a houseSecret: The children in the framed family photos on the mantle are not relatives. Maybe that's creepy. I don't know. But this was such an interesting assignment! Love it! And can't wait to see what other ideas you get… might use them. lol.


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