Writing, outlining and paying the piper

I owe you guys a blog.

Yes. I. Do. I also own you an explanation. So here it is.  I’ve been busy writing. Not an excuse by any means but it explains my here-I-am-no-I’m-not presence.

I am excited about what I’m writing. My thesis is coming along and as of an hour ago it’s been properly outlined. And I love knowing what’s going to happen next and how it will end (well, officially).

But that doesn’t mean I’m done at all. It’s the opposite, actually. Now that I know where all the pieces fit, I have to put the pieces together…and make the prose nice and true and fresh.  Does plotting allow the writer to focus on words? Eh, maybe. Knowing that the next step of the story has already be sketched out certainly helps with keeping things in line but, to quote a cliche, the writing is in the rewriting.

So while I know loving and outlining my thesis is the first step, I still have to write the darn thing so I can really write it.

Make sense?  I hope so.

Now, I know I owe y’all a story. That will be worked on soon. Really soon. Like you may get a treat for Christmas. Until then, keep writing. I know I will.

Write on!

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