You would think that at the end of a semester that all I would want to do is veg.  
I do. But I really want to keep reading books. Good ones. And not so good ones too. After all you can learn from any teacher put in your path. 
I’ve been spending my time writing and reading. It feels divine without the pressure of a deadline. So what am I reading during the break?  I’m re-reading Allende’s House of the Spirits. Lots to learn from that book.  Also a biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I may end my time off with some A Tale of Two Cities.

So when do I write? In short spurts. In the morning. Late at night. In my head. On pieces of paper. In the shower. In my dreams. While I’m reading.

This will be a busy semester.  The preparation will be intense. And I relax by doing exactly what will be stressing me out in about a month. Why?

Uh, have you noticed the name of this blog yet?