Third semester reading list…

For those lover of books or for those curious about what I’ll be reading this semester. Here’s the list!

Allende, Isabel, and Margaret Sayers. Peden. Island beneath the Sea: a Novel. New York: Harper, 2010. Print.
Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood: a True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences. New York: Random House, 1966. Print.
Danticat, Edwidge, ed. Haiti Noir. Consortium Book Sales & Dist, 2010. Print.
Garcia, Cristina. The Lady Matador’s Hotel: a Novel. New York: Scribner, 2010. Print.
Greene, Graham. The Power and the Glory. New York: Penguin, 2003. Print.
Kafka, Franz. The Metamorphosis. [New York]: Vanguard, 1946. Print.
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. “Chronicle of A Death Foretold.” Collected Novellas. New York, NY: HarperPerennial, 1991. Print.
Oates, Joyce Carol. Give Me Your Heart: Tales of Mystery and Suspense. Boston [Mass.: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010. Print.
Ondaatje, Michael. Coming through Slaughter. New York: Vintage International, 1996. Print.
Pizzolatto, Nic. Galveston: a Novel. New York: Scribner, 2010. Print.
Rachman, Tom. The Imperfectionists: a Novel. New York: Dial Trade Paperbacks, 2011. Print.

6 thoughts on “Third semester reading list…

  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED "Coming Through Slaughter" when I read it in college. It's one of the books I need to buy again – I unfortunatlly lent it to a friend and never got it back.


  2. I want to read something by Truman Capote. I was thinking about this recently. I read a lot of YA Lit because that is the nature of my work, but something more adult would be great. What would be your recommendation? Thanks,Mirta E.


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