My silence in the blogosphere has come with a price — brand new shiny pages. Yes my friends, my  thesis/novel is moving along nicely and will be (more like has to be) done by September. So when the leaves begin to fall, the last dot on the page will be typed and I will, with any luck, be sipping on a martini.

Why a martini instead of a glass of champagne? I guess it’s a tradition, actually. Back when I finished my first book (which now sits in a desk drawer where embarrassing things should sit) I didn’t have enough money for a bottle of bad champagne. Oddly enough, I had some gin, vermouth, and apple pucker. (Yes, I don’t know why I had these things but alas, when you’re a journalist living in the middle of the country with nothing to do you gain interesting things in your pantry.)

So then, at 11:30 in the morning after crying my eyes out, I mixed myself up a cocktail to celebrate. And since then, when I finish a book I must drink a martini…and then buy myself some nice jewelry. In fact, I have my eye on a necklace from Tiffany’s.

All this to say that I can taste a martini in my near future and a sparkly newness around my neck.

Hence my explanation for my silence online. But I hope that silence will end soon.

Hold tight everyone. We’re almost done!