Down the Soul’s Road

I have been holding on to a tidbit of information that I haven’t shared with the entire world yet. Well, my Twitter family knows. And my co-workers know. And I think I told my sister.

Okay, I just haven’t blogged about it.

I have a short story coming out as part of a collection called Soul’s Road. The book will be out soon and is written by my fellow Goddard students. In fact, all of the authors and even the person who wrote introduction, have ties to Goddard College. Cody Luff, an alum and good friend (and AMAZING writer. Sweet Jesus!) is the editor of the collection.

I’m excited about this. This is good. So why haven’t I shared this info on my writing blog? I think it’s really a bit of tunnel vision. My focus is school and getting packets done. So I got my story for the anthology done in between packet work. After that was off my plate, it was vacation time. That’s when I found out, when I was waiting for a plane to return from vacay. But then I was too tired and my deadline for the story wasn’t until the next month.

Not an excuse but an explanation.

Now that school is almost over and the deadline for the short is near, I’m thinking about this awesomeness that is this project and how lucky I am to be included in this. Who am I to even be considered for this?

But who am I not to be? That really should be the question. I have been a story teller nearly all my life and I’m still refining my craft, working on technique, creating stories, and observing the world. And that’s what this collection is about– observing the world, writing the truth through art.

Sound familiar?

I am darn goosh lucky to be part of this. The writers in the collection are heavy hitters and craft masters. They know and understand their art and they tell their stories, their truth, as they see it.

It’s gonna be a great collection. I’ll give you a heads up on publishing dates. But for now, like the Facebook page for more details.

Write on!

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