It’s late on Sunday night and I’m just about done with some edits for my story in Soul’s Road, the short story collection coming out soon. Like REALLY soon.

I owed you another desk picture so here it is. This one is of my desk at home, the printer area. Those books, most of them, are ones I’ve read for school. That peach binder is my teaching binder and under all those papers somewhere is my printer. Ironically, it needs ink. I ran out a couple of days ago.

For the fans of this blog, the white board in the picture is….my murder board, which currently has an unsolved murder for my character Detective Jennie Manning to solve. I miss her. She will come back soon and you guys will read her story. I promise. It’s just going to take a minute.

Hope you guys had a great day. Tomorrow is Monday, i.e. one day closer to the next weekend.

Write On!