Literary journal that gives back? Say what?

Facebook is a great place to find new places to publish. Literary mags need to advertise and the cheapest way to do that is on social media. So I came across an interesting journal that makes sure everyone gets something.

Our Stories is a journal that gives feed back to every submission submitted. No joke. For every contest or submission for the journal, the writer best written feedback. Here’s an explanation from their website.

For every submission we receive year round, we give personalized feedback. We’ll give our general impressions, point out the strengths and weaknesses and give you suggestions on how to fix your story. Submitting to Our Stories is free –and worth it. We have staffed Our Stories with short story writers and novelists to help you because we know what it’s like to send manuscripts off into the void, only to be rejected, never knowing what went wrong or how to fix it.

How awesome is that! Now, from what I see on their site, there are some contests that require a reading fee but if you’re a writer working in a void (who isn’t) then this is money well spent. 

So the video above is their video on how they do what they do. Enjoy. 

2 thoughts on “Literary journal that gives back? Say what?

  1. Thanks for this link. Amazing. Hmm, I'm now contemplating whether to send them the first chapter of my novel–knowing it's not a short story–just to receive feedback… Of course I've gotta ruin it for everyone :-p


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