As I sit here mulling over my next blog post, I am procrastinating, Such is my process. I consider procrastination so much a part of my process that I actually plan for it. Sad? Perhaps but why deny something that will happen.

Any way, for today’s post (which is not the post I’m working on) we have another desk picture. Two, actually. However, these pix open the door to another part of my process–revision and planning.

Early draft of State of Waiting

This picture show’s my draft and edit marks for my Christmas story State of Waiting, which was on the blog during the Holiday Blog Tour. I wrote it in a matter of a couple of hours and only had time really to edit it one time. Here’s what it looked like. I expect to edit this story again in the future and it will probably be dripping with ink. This was just a drive-by

New board

This is by brand new, just put up cork board. It’s above my desk and just gives my area a nothing-but-business feel. I love it.  So here is how I plan to keep up with several projects I have going on including this blog. (the editorial calendar is in the top corner.) For me this is bare but it’ll be filled soon enough with contest and submission guidelines for different publications.

That’s it! My desks are interesting. Just like you can tell a lady by her purse, you can tell a writer by their desk. It’s ever changing and so am I.