There’s no resolution here

This year I have decided there I would make no resolution or promises to myself that I haven’t made already.

Yes, I know that it’s a popular thing to do. Writing resolutions is the first step of making a new life and a new year. Sure. I get that. But, here’s the thing…everything i would have promised myself to do, I’ve already promised to myself in one way or another. My promises have ranged from losing weight to finding a new job. All of them were made and most were broken or achieved on a technicality (if you lose five pounds because of the flu, you technically lost weight).

The new no resolution rule goes double for my writing. Nope. No writing resolutions here. Some writers have made some great resolutions to themselves. I applaud them. I wish them well. For me, however, I don’t find those useful for my writing. At least not at this stage. I know what my next step will be and I just have to do it. I know that I have to write more, read more, turn my thesis into a novel, submit to magazines and contests, go to literary events, and feed myself as a writer.

So you see, I already had goals in mind before the clock struck midnight. It’s not that I don’t have resolutions, it’s that I have focus. More focus now that I’ve had in years past. And that, my friends, trumps every promise I’ve made and broken to myself since my first new years many moons ago.

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