Lesson from Academy Award nominee William Joyce

One of the great pleasures I get from this blog is that I get to bring you guys different perspectives on storytelling. In the past we’ve had actors like Diahann Carroll and Jeff Goldblum talk about story telling and what gets their juices flowing from a piece of writing.

Today, we have a series of videos from Discovery’s Curiosity.com of Oscar nominee William Joyce. He’s the co-founder of Moonbot Studios and is nominated for the short film The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. The film is a delightful story about books and hope. The Ipad app is insanely well done as well (and is also by a Shreveport-based company Twin Engine Labs)

Joyce is from Shreveport, Louisiana and came back here to start his own film studio. So it’s kinda a sense of pride for me to put these videos up.  In this series he answers questions about storytelling and the medium of which to tell them.

Some interesting thoughts:

  • What makes him curious? What happens next in a story.
  • Everything is changing — the how and the distributing of a story.
  • Books still have value and the book is not dead. 
  • Child look to stories to tell them what terrifies them everyday. They want to see people to learn how to make it through life. “If you got protagonists that figure that out, kids dig it.” (And on some level, adults want the same thing, too.)

Start with the video below and it will take you through all the video. Lots of lessons here. Happy learning!

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