Graduate reading(s) or how to get everyone in the same space

One of the hardest things for me last week is not having my friends and family with me. Of course I had my Goddard peeps but my friends and family helped me get my MFA. They were the ones who helped me through some of the rough spots. They saw me fall apart before picking me back up and sending me back down the path.

They didn’t get to hear me read or get to be part of this past amazing weekend. So I thought since I had this amazing venue, I’d read what I read for my graduate reading. It will also give regular readers of this blog a chance to hear what I’d been working on for the past two years. So for all the people who couldn’t be there and for the folks who want to hear it again (or for the first time) here it is! I’m extremely proud of it and hope you guys like it!


Part One

Part Two

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