I bet you’re wondering where today’s post is? Where is your #MotivationMonday? Where is the insight that helps you through the day? 
Well, maybe not through the day…
I’m taking a slight break, folks. (the rest of the week, actually). I’ve got a piece to get ready for submission and I need to focus. Ironic, no? The writing blogger needs time to write. Why, yes. She does.  
However, I have some posts on deck to schedule to run this week. However, I’ll be pretty quiet here the rest of the week. 
I’ll come back strong on Monday with a #MotivationMonday and a week’s worth of posts. And if all goes well, a submitted story. 
In the future, I hope to have guest writers for the blog during the weeks I’m off preparing stories for publication. If you’re interested, hit me up. Leave a comment with a way to contact you and I’ll be in touch. 
Until then, there’s LOTS of past posts that will help fill the gap.
See you next week and Write On!