Anyone who reads my Twitter feed knows I’m not a fan of working on Sundays. Today, I covered a huge event in Shreveport called ArtBreak. This event is a tradition here and works toward expanding knowledge and understanding of art. 
So while I was walking around, I see this man who has a pencil in his mouth. He’s drawing a Mickey Mouse picture. He has no arms. 
Let me repeat: He. Has. No. Arms.
But he’s drawing. Come to find out he is an artist and works in pencil and charcoal. So I did a brief interview with him. Check out the video above. 
The event was held at the convention center here and there were thousands of people. It was overwhelming, however, it wasn’t the amount of people that made my head spin. It was the colors. Definitely the most colorful place I’ve been to in a long time. 
Here’s some pictures. Hope you enjoy!