It’s been too long.
I didn’t mean to make my blog break this long. I needed a couple of days but a couple of days turned into more than a month and so here I am, my tail between my legs looking at my creation collect dust.

My writing is the same way. I haven’t written anything to completion. I’ve chipped away at a story for an anthology, had another piece accepted to a literary journal, and thought about the next step for this writer.

It’s not been a fruitful month and a half break. I apologize for that. I don’t have very much to show for it but I do have this.

The delightful sense of refreshment.

I’m taking a new focus to my writing an this blog–I am writing for the love of it. The love of the words on the screen, the privilege of having something to say. I want to let love guide my way and let it decide what I post and when. This is a renewal of spirit and I’m excited for it.

In that spirit, my goal for the next couple of weeks is to take something old and work on it to, making it new again. It’ll be the ultimate in revision. For this exercise I am taking a story I wrote several years ago and rewriting it. I’m a better writer now than I was when I conceived it so I’m interested to see at what I do with it.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress with it. And maybe it will be published in a literary journal?

One step at a time.

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