It’s funny how things evolve right?  I remember when I thought creating the above logo for the blog was a big deal. 
It was a big deal because I was using software and skills I had never used before and the result wasn’t bad. Of course, looking back now I shake my head and ask myself  “What were you thinking?” 
But look at those red glasses. Yes, at the time I was wearing these red glasses that I LOVED. I loved them because they were different. They were meant to stand out and on some level I believe I was also meant to stand out. I wasn’t meant to wear the same glasses everyone wore and I wasn’t mean to be like, you know, normal. Or whatever the definition of normal was at the time. 
Me with my awesome red glasses.
So those red glasses were my symbol to always go against the grain and give a big I-don’t-care-I’m-doing-it-anyway to anyone who tried to stop me. 
It also helped that Ugly Betty was my favorite TV show at the time. 
Even when I moved from red to purple, I kept some form of the red glasses as a symbolic gesture of how this crazy blogging path all started. 
So how did this start? 
It started like most of my good ideas start, in a newsroom, as a way to have a voice that wasn’t heard at the time. I tell ya what, it was the best idea I ever had. EVER. And I’ve loved writing this blog. 
Oh dear, it sounds like I’m saying good-bye. I’m not. I promise. I’m still here, still blogging, still writing but I am hinting at something, the evolution of the best idea I’ve ever had.
In the past, this blog has served as a destination for TV junkies, a long line of how-to posts for writing, and it has attempted to inspire folks to embrace their inner Hemingway or (insert favorite writer here). But, now approaching its fifth year of existence, (seriously?) I have come to the conclusion that when this blog is really good, when I have the most fun writing it, is when it was the realist. It’s when I’m talking about my life as a writer, the difficulty in finding time to write or trying to publish, is when I think this blog is the best. 
So let’s be the best. No more how-to posts. I’m sure folks enjoyed them but who am I to tell you how to do things? I can only tell you how I do them and maybe you can share how you do things and we can figure out this crazy writing thing together. 
Writing is about the journey. Cliche’ I know but it’s true. After finishing one chapter of my writer’s journey, I’m embarking on the next one, the scary one, the part where I have to prove to myself and to the world that my words deserve to be apart of American letters. I must prove that I have something to say and it’s time for people to listen.
I have to prove that I was worthy of those red glasses.  
Expect then to hear tales of my life as a writer, reporter, and blogger. Expect to hear my opinion on things that I think are important. Expect to hear about what I publish and when I publish. And above all, expect reality. I’m not sugar-coating anything. 
In fact, you shouldn’t sugar-coat either. Let me know what you think about the redesign! Take the poll below or leave me a comment. I’d love to know what you think about how the blog looks now and the direction it’s about to take. 
Symbolically, I still wear the red glasses (even though I wear purple ones now). And there’s no way I’m fading to black. 
Purple or red, it’s all about swag. 
Thanks for reading and continuing to support me. Love y’all! 

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