Submit to submissions or publications wanting your stuff NOW!

Hola todos! Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since my last post. There was lots to write and read and live through. But that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the blog, just wanted to wait to have something to write about.

 And I do!

All of it has to do with publication, mine and potentially yours. There are several publications waiting for you to submit. Poets, fiction and non fiction writers, artists — you’re wanted. Here, in the sections below, is which publications need writers and what I’ve been up to.

Soul’s Road in print!

Let’s start with the most the most recent bit of good  news. You know that book I was in, Soul’s Road? The book was only available on Kindle. Now, it’s available in paperback!

This is so exciting seeing that we didn’t know if it would ever see print. For those that don’t know, Soul’s Road is a fiction collection which is mostly written by graduates of the MFA program at Goddard College. For us, this collection was a labor of love and joy. From the Facebook page to the editing, this project was not about just publishing but of doing what we love which is writing.

The first editor of the project, Cody T. Luff wrote about the experience of self publishing for this blog not too long ago.

One of the reasons I love this project is that it’s not about the quantity but the quality. To put it another way, it’s a love of writing thing. It’s a story telling thing. One of the things that writers, especially those starting out in the writing game, worry about is publishing. It becomes a numbers game–how many stories can you get published in however many publications you can. Admittedly, I’ve been down that road myself and it overwhelms me. (In fact, I think I’m on that road now as I look at my list of deadline dates.) For me, the story or essay or novel is done when its done. That’s an interesting thought considering that I make my living by beating deadlines and that for me a deadline is a great way to get something done. But sometimes, it’s going to take however long it’s going take, regardless of when it’s due. There’s a writing journey especially for novels, . There’s a transformation that happens not only on the page but to the writer. That can’t be rushed.

Currently, Soul’s Road is accepting submissions for the next volume!  They believe in deadlines, however. You have until Oct. 1.

New publication!

My friend and fellow writer, Kristy Harding, started her own publication recently. It’s called Paper Tape Magazine. 

Here’s a little bit about them.

We are an online magazine focused on the place where art, criticism, and nerdy pop culture come together.
We publish art, articles, reviews, and stories every Wednesday.
Would you like to be involved? E-mail

Sounds good doesn’t it? Kristy started this magazine right after grad school and it’s starting to shape up with its own voice and rhythm. I’m excited for her and thought I’d also give her a plug. Want to write a piece for them? Great! Because they are also looking for submissions. She’ll be getting something from me soon as well if I can get the piece under control.

Minvera Rising

Since we’re talking about publishing and what not, I’m excited to announce that the first chapter of my thesis/novel will be published in a new lit journal called Minvera Rising.

Yes, some grad school friends also started this publication as well. I’m in their first issue which is centered around the theme of “Beginnings”.

I’m excited for them because this journal was created by women and seeks women writers. It’s also centered around themes, asking writers to explore topics or turn them on its head. The theme for their next issue is “winter”

And yes, like Soul’s Road and Paper Tape Magazine they are looking for submissions. But you better hurry, their deadline is Sept. 30.

With that, I’m off to write. Procrastination has taken over my life and I really need to get into gear.

Until next time!

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