Reporter’s Notebook: When reporting on a miracle

This post was a bit difficult to write.

Not that I have problems with coming up with blog post ideas or writing them. Long time readers of this blog know that I can idea plan with the best of them and the well has yet to run dry.

The reason why this post was so difficult to write is that it’s not often I get to write about a miracle. I wanted to do it justice.

See the little girl in this picture? The one with the pink top. She is alive only through the grace of God (or whatever higher power you believe in).

Earlier this summer she was at a birthday party for one of her friends. At some point during the party, she ventured into the pool. It was her friend who saw her at the bottom of it. Parents at the party rushed to action, giving CPR and calling for the ambulance.

That began an incredible summer for this little girl. They revived her. She was kept in the hospital for several weeks before being transfer to a physical rehabilitation center in Texas.

She started school this month and is walking around, laughing, and playing with her friends.

But she’s still not out of the dark.

She still needs therapy. She struggles a bit to understand somethings. However, she’s still smiling.

That’s a miracle. That fact that she lived…a miracle. The fact that there were people around to give her CPR…a miracle. The fact that she can still walk and talk…a miracle. The fact that she can give big hugs to everyone she loves…a miracle.

That’s what was so difficult about writing this post. How do I convey to you guys how awesome this little girl is, how blessed, how happy.

I don’t even think pictures do it justice really.

So all I can do is tell you her story, give you some insight to her life now, and step back.

I can lead you to a miracle but it’s up to you to believe.

Isn’t that what life is, especially for a writer, the opportunity to believe?

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