The rules for Analogue Sunday

These past couple of weeks have been just a flurry.

I’ve been working more at work (if you can believe that since I was already going nuts with hours) and focusing on being the best adjunct I can be. (I don’t like to write about it to avoid any thing that can be seen as a FERPA violation.) So, writing has taken a back seat to things…if that back seat were in Australia and I were in Canada.

A couple of other things have fallen through the cracks as a result: exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping.

I have fallen into a world of responsibilities that is devouring me whole, but I found just the thing that’s going to help me get out of it.

Someone on Tumblr posted the above picture: Rules for an Analogue Sunday.

What is this? I thought to myself. Is this really a thing?

It is, kinda. There’s a website and a Facebook page and according to both it’s an informal day started by  this guy named Anthony.  On Sunday, you disconnect. No email. No phone. No electronics at all. You read a book, good outside, and connect with other things in a pre-Internet/ pre-cable sort of way.

We’ve all dreamed about disconnecting. I’ve dreamed of disconnecting while on vacation and this looks like a plan to get my head swimming away from a world of updates and Tweets.

The question, however, is how to write when I can’t even get on my computer.

I’m thinking I may need to dust off this:

Anyone know where I can find some typewriter ribbon? Maybe I should do it for only a couple of hours? 

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