Analogue Sunday. Disconnecting when you’re too connected.

The rules for Analogue Sunday

These past couple of weeks have been just a flurry.

I’ve been working more at work (if you can believe that since I was already going nuts with hours) and focusing on being the best adjunct I can be. (I don’t like to write about it to avoid any thing that can be seen as a FERPA violation.) So, writing has taken a back seat to things…if that back seat were in Australia and I were in Canada.

A couple of other things have fallen through the cracks as a result: exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping.

I have fallen into a world of responsibilities that is devouring me whole, but I found just the thing that’s going to help me get out of it.

Someone on Tumblr posted the above picture: Rules for an Analogue Sunday.

What is this? I thought to myself. Is this really a thing?

It is, kinda. There’s a website and a Facebook page and according to both it’s an informal day started by  this guy named Anthony.  On Sunday, you disconnect. No email. No phone. No electronics at all. You read a book, good outside, and connect with other things in a pre-Internet/ pre-cable sort of way.

We’ve all dreamed about disconnecting. I’ve dreamed of disconnecting while on vacation and this looks like a plan to get my head swimming away from a world of updates and Tweets.

The question, however, is how to write when I can’t even get on my computer.

I’m thinking I may need to dust off this:

Anyone know where I can find some typewriter ribbon? Maybe I should do it for only a couple of hours? 

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3 thoughts on “Analogue Sunday. Disconnecting when you’re too connected.

  1. You should TOTALLY dust off the typewriter! Replacement ribbons can be found at just about any office supply store. You might have to ask someone, but most places have a little book where you can look up your typewriter and the replacement ribbon. ;)~TRW


  2. You should TOTALLY dust off the typewriter! Replacement ribbons can be found at almost any office supply store. Just look for the little book near the cash registers and register tape (or near label makers.) The book should be able to tell you the replacement part number. Happy typewriter-ing!~TRW


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