The ides of October: 5 places to submit your writing

Photo by:: spaceamoeba, Creative Commons license

What is it about the ides of October that gets everyone riled up for a writing contest?

Yes, there are five writing contests (that I know of) that are currently calling for submissions. Here’s your shot at fame and glory…maybe. Well, at least you’ll be published.

Some of these opportunities are for residencies, which is the writer’s dream–time and space to write. Then there are those that are for publication with a grand prize of $1,000. Now, what’s not clear is how much money you would have to pay on your winnings. (That’ll be another post for another time.)

Here are the five with deadlines the 15th of October:

  • Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship

Poets can win $52,000 to travel and study abroad. You don’t need to be publish but according to the organization, recent winners have been published. You’ll new two copies of one or the other: 40 pages of poetry or one published book. You’ll also need a curriculum vitae.
Check the website for more info.

  • Lynchburg College, Thorton Writer Residency

This one gives you 14 weeks at Lynchburg College and pays you a stipend (typically $12,000). They look for fiction writers for the fall term and nonfiction for the spring term. For your trouble you get a place to stay, a couple of meals, and travel expenses. In exchange, you’ll teach a weekly creative writing workshop, visit classes, and give a public reading.
More at the website.

  • Nightboat Books, Poetry Prize

Poets! This is for you!  A $1,000 prize and publication by Nightboat books! What you need: a manuscript of 48 to 70 pages and the entry fee.

  • Sliverfish Review Press, Gerald Cable Book Award

Another one for the poets. Enter the contest and win $1,000 and publication. Submit your manuscript and entry fee.

  • Ruminate, William Van Dyke Short Story Prize

A 5,500 word story can win you publication and $1,000. More on the site.

So there you go! Chop, chop! You have less than five days to submit! Good luck, everyone.

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