The worst idea I had today was wearing heals. The second worst was leaving my flip flops in the car.

Here I am and it’s day two of the Latinos in Social Media Conference. I’ve attended so many panels, I’ve lost count. However, every panel was better than the last and there was even a panel about writing and publishing.

That’s right (or write)! Even the social media folks want to publish. The panel consisted of three writers who published in three different ways–traditional, self, and small press.

Each panelist explained the pluses and minuses of their chosen path and it was interesting hearing them talk about it. I’ll be writing a full post about their tips and lessons learned next week to give them time to send me more information. However, I’ll give you the panelists names now so that you can check out their books: Ana Lilian Flores, co-author of Bilingual is Better; Mariela Babbah, Poder de Mujer; Sujeiry Gonzalez, Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles.

Can you tell which one self-published, went with a small press, or the traditional route without looking at their publisher info on Amazon?

Other than that the rest of the conference has given me ideas for this blogs and other projects I’ve been thinking about. Check out my latest vlog at the top of this post for an update. I hope my camera work isn’t too bad.

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