If there is anything I know well is that characters are awesome.

Haven’t you ever read a book that stays with you? You think about what happened to the character you’ve gotten to know. You get angry at them, you feel for them, you laugh at them.

For the writer, it’s the same thing. We fall in love with our characters — the good ones and the bad ones. We get to know them how you get to know them, page by page.

But creating characters to fall in love with is easier said than done.  Creating these type of characters goes beyond acknowledging they exist, there is a tangible magic to it.

I’m teaching a webinar through Google Hangout on Saturday at 10 CST right here on this site about how to create awesome characters. There will be a chat room open as well so you’ll be able to ask me questions live.  This will be a can’t miss if you’re a writer.  Bring your questions and take some notes. It’s time to make your characters awesome!

Time: 10 am CST
Day: Saturday, Nov. 17
Place: http://www.writingtoinsanity.com

Hope you can make it! If you’re planning on attending, leave a comment on this post!