You guys rock! 

What a difference five years makes, doesn’t it?

Last weekend two big things happened for me and this blog. On Friday, I sent out my first newsletter. For me it is a mark of success that people would sign up to learn more about writing and the writing life. I try through these emails to give more than what is on this blog, I try to inspire, give people some sort of direction. While on this blog I give you tips on how to be a better writer, the newsletter is the little seed that I hope grows into inspiration. Yes, you can do this. Yes, you can be a writer. All you have to do is try.

Talking about tips, it was also the weekend of my first webinar. I never thought when I started this blog that I’d be doing something like this!

While in the middle of the webinar, which was a how-to on how to create awesome characters, I said a sentence that at the moment I couldn’t expand on. I talked about how when I started this blog, I was at the beginning of a journey to find out who I was. I was 30 years-old and I lived in Wichita at the time. One day I realized I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t understand how I got where I was since I did everything that was expected of me. I went to school, I sacrificed, and worked hard. Yet, I wasn’t happy and I didn’t know what to do to make myself happy again.

That’s when I went back to my childhood memories. I was happiest when I was writing and reading. So, I started there. I read everything I could get my hands on. I went back to writing and slowly my journey began.

It lead me to graduate school and in the large investment I made in myself. Worth every penny.

And somehow, through all that, I came to a point where I can help others find their voice, their purpose.The webinar is the beginning to that. Through technology I’m helping others find their way. I’ve become a light to help bring more art into the world. Junior artists who will create something beautiful.

This makes more happier that most things in the world. I love my purpose.

So, all this to say that I’m planning the next webinar and the next and the next so that everyone can have a chance to learn to write the best they can. This is my way to help those who were in the same predicament I was in.

Thank you all for this opportunity.  Now back to my NaNo word count!