It’s not difficult to understand why so many people turn away from a life of writing. It is not the sexiest thing to do.

I know you think I’m crazy but a book tour is sexy, yes. So is getting that masterpiece to print and watching it do well on . That’s all sexy. But the act of writing, the sitting down and doing the work, is about as sexy as watching paint dry.

But writers, no matter how experienced they are, need this one tool that will help them not only be better writers but stay toward the path of sexy.

Every writer needs a cheerleader, preferably a cheerleading squad. There needs to be a core of people who believe in you slightly more than you believe in yourself.

Note that these people are not the ones who critique your work. These are not the people you tell about your writing in hopes of guilting yourself into finishing that story. These are not people who give you tough love.

No, the cheerleader only has one function. They cheer. That’s it. These are the people you tell about the possible agent or the fact that you’ve submitted a piece somewhere. These are the intimate inner circle.

And because they are the inner circle you only need a couple. Maybe three. They don’t need to know each other, they just need to know you. They have to believe in you. They are the ones who tell you you’re awesome and that you deserve to be publish. Not only do they say this, they make you believe it. BELIEVE IT.

B-E-L-I-E-V-E I-T!

Because when you do, and the cheerleaders have done their jobs, you are unstoppable. Yes, the cheerleader will save the world but first they will help you save yours.

Cheerleaders. Get some. Trust me. They’re awesome.

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