I just finished writing the most recent newsletter. To those who subscribe, thanks! To those who don’t but want to, here’s the link.

This issue of the newsletter was called the Inspiration Issue. There’s lots to inspiring me lately so I shared my thoughts.

For one, my students inspire me. Did I tell you that I am instructor at a college?

I am. I don’t really want to write too much about it since it could be a sensitive thing to write about, (FERPA and all) but what I can say is that they inspire me. They make me want to be a better writer and teacher. I want to write and publish so they can say,”Hey, my teacher knows what’s she’s talking about cause she’s actually doing what she’s telling us to do.” I want them to be proud of me and proud of themselves.  I see them working hard, which makes me work hard. They are inspiring.

I’m inspired by the weather. It’s finally spring and I don’t have to hide in my apartment with the heater on.  That’s enough to make me smile nearly everyday.

Music inspires me. Lately, Alicia Key’s “Brand New Me” is inspiring me. It forces me to look back these five years, when I started this blog, and see where I came from. It also makes me focus toward the future. What I want to become? What do I want this blog to become?

I guess I’m saying all this to say that there are changes afoot. Not sure what they will be but one thing is certain, I’m going to be writing about more than just writing.

I feel the need to broaden the focus of the blog, to reflect the change I’m going through. Yes, I’ll continue to write about writing. In fact, I have a post on some of the common mistakes I’ve seen made in writing coming up soon.

But I’ll also focus on what is important to me. See, part of being a writer is being an activist. Some are more active than others. I’m not saying that I’m going to be living in trees in protest of one thing or another but I will be writing on some important issues for the Latino community and for education, which are my passions.

This is what happens when you open yourself up to change, you change.

Inspiration is change, a way to go down a different path–a re-dedication.

So, let the change begin!