Self-publish or traditional publishing? [DISCUSS]

Self publish or traditional? What to do?

Here’s a question I’ve been mulling over.

With it getting easier to put your work out into the world, is the traditional path to publishing becoming  extinct?

There are great arguments on both sides of the coin. Self-publishing gives the writer power– they are in charge of everything for better or worse. Sometimes, it’s worth a bit of money. With traditional publishing there are fewer fees and better editing but the path is a not for the faint of heart.

So what do I chose? I have no idea.

What do you guys think?  Which is the better path to take — self publishing or traditional publishing? Write your opinion in the comments below.  

*A shout out to ProBlogger for the idea for this post.

8 thoughts on “Self-publish or traditional publishing? [DISCUSS]

  1. That is a tough question. I think it boils down to how much work one is willing to do. If you're willing to do more work, then self publishing can work. If you're not sure where to start, then perhaps going with a publisher might be a better option. Also, money plays a factor as well. Can one afford vs how much money you want to make.


  2. Well I know that I would rather be published in a traditional sense, given the choice. There is a lot more status attached to it, and it can help you build a name for yourself. However if you already have a name for yourself, or are struggling to get a publishing deal, then self publishing is a great alternative. That's my take on it anyway!


  3. A friend of mine self published her first novel (and now she's about to repeat for the second and the third), anyway I think that's a good idea, marketing-wise: she's putting herself out there, she's letting people know her, so when one day she'll decide to turn to traditional publishing (kind of a milestone for everyone I think!) she'll be able to present herself with a following of fans, wich is good to publishing houses these days!!!(I came here from problogger, hello there!)


  4. Tell me about it! Traditional publishing and having that book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble is still view as prestigious by just about everyone! What do you think of the folks who self-publish and then are offered traditional publishing deals?


  5. Icess, there is a third way: the hybrid or partnership model, as exemplified by She Writes Press. While She Writes Press is still young and there have been bumps in the road (my book, Her Beautiful Brain, was published by SWP in September 2014), it has also been incredibly empowering and the access they offer to traditional distribution is a huge, huge benefit. You might want to look into it.


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