PUBLISHED: Marathoners happy to be home

My story about Boston Marathon runners made the front page today

Since becoming my organization’s social media person, I don’t get to write as much. Yesterday, however, that changed…at least for the day.

With so many people at training, there wasn’t many people to send out on assignment. So I volunteered to go meet a couple who was returning from the Boston Marathon.

I got to talk to them about their experience, their view of this horrendous act.

I’m glad I went. I began the day in so much pain because of the explosion. Boston for me is like a second hometown and know that it was in so much pain made my heart hurt. Listening to this couple’s story made me feel better. They were smiling and happy and grateful for Bostonian’s hospitality. That made me feel better.

This story was easy to write in the fact that I knew what my lede (how an article begins) was before sitting down and I knew how I wanted to structure it. When that happens, it’s easier to write an article.

To see a bigger version, click here. To read the story click here.

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