The face of my next assignment…who knew?

I’ve pitched this story and now I have to eat it.

I pitch a story to The Shreveport Times about Ramen Noodles. Well, it’s more than that. There’s an angle but you know how it goes with things that aren’t published yet — mum’s the world. Well, kinda.

This is the social media age and I am working hard to resolve being an old school journalist and a new school social media-ist. (If that’s even a real word, which it probably isn’t but that’s another post for another day.)

So, I got the idea from this blog post that I wrote on Writing To Insanity. After having a fantastic vacation, I had a bit of a cash flow problem — it flowed away from my pocket. Rightfully so, I needed to save money and escape from starvation. Enter project Ramen Noodles. The objective: find new and interesting ways to cook Ramen Noodles.

I did and now, I’m writing an article about it. I solicited some response from our readers using social media and I even did some research through some videos and television shows.

Now comes the “hard” part, putting a new twist to Ramen Noodles and writing it all down.  Essentially, I will make Ramen Noodles sexy. Don’t think I can do it? How little faith you have in me!

Look for this story to hit news stands and the web some time in mid-August.