How I’m about to prove people wrong

Here we go.

I just purchased my domain name and I’m overwhelmed with nerves. NERVES! ME! Yes, I am nervous that my name is now my domain name and that this site is now, officially, my home on the interwebs. This is my new place in the world and what a trip it has been!

Going from to took more soul searching that I anticipated. Yes, it’s just moving from Blogger to WordPress, from writing about writing to do it. But, my friends, it’s so much more!

I’ve been a person who never liked people telling me what to do. I don’t consider myself a rebel in that aspect, I just liked doing my own thing. The best way to get me to do something, usually, is by telling me that I couldn’t. I’ve heard “you can’t” all my life. There’s something about growing up in East Harris County in the 80s that makes you hate that word.

That’s even more evident when it comes to writing. When someone tells me that I can’t write something — whether it’s because of skill or topic — I want to write it all the more. I like proving people wrong.

There was this one time when I pitched this story that wasn’t exactly the ideal story for this publication. I was a newspaper writer and this story showed a different side of the town I lived in. No, it wasn’t a seedy underworld but a shift in demographic. I pitched it hard and I could tell even after it was approved it was on shaky ground. I wrote my heart into it. Months later, that story won third place in a statewide contest. It was as if I had won first place; I had proven the thoughts about the story wrong.

That’s what’s happening here. Five years is a lifetime in blog land and I have just thrown away all that work and investment to start over.  I’m writing things that I’ve been wanting to for awhile. I’m editing videos as you can see from the one attached here (though I have NO idea what happened there in the middle).

What am I proving wrong? That I can create a site that includes all my interests and that people, other than my friends, will read it. If I blog it, will they come? We’ll see.

So, here we are, I guess that means I need new business cards.

Yes. Yes it does.

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