My feet somewhere over the Caribbean Ocean.

This is how my travel conversations start in my head.

“I wonder how much a plane ticket costs to go…”

The rest of that sentence can end with Timbuktu for all I care. The point of travel is to see and experience something new. That’s the upside to having friends all over the U.S., you always have cheap accommodations and a tour guide.  The downside, your bestie is hours away from you.

That’s why bffs should always have getaway plans. Whether it’s a plane ride or a car ride away, everyone should take a trip with the bestie. Here are some suggestions from my travels.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital is one of those places you can enjoy one of two ways — tourist style or urbanista style. My last trip, I did a mixture of both and it was perfect!

Ridiculously amazing.
Ridiculously amazing.

Foodies will have their chose of anything in Washington D.C. An international city, getting food from around the world is easier there than say the middle of the country.

My personal favorite is tapas and my friends and I stumbled across Jaleo Tapas Bar in Crystal City.  Owned by Chief Jose Andres (who hosts Made in Spain on PBS), this restaurant is chic and luxurious. The chair and tables are intimate for a small party, just like the food. Yes, tapas is essentially Spanish finger foods but what it lacks in size it more than makes up with taste. There really isn’t a bad dish on the menu, I promise but I highly recommend croquetas de pollo.

The non-foodies can go the traditional route in the nation’s capital.  However, I recommend seeing the big stuff — Abe Lincoln, and yes even the White House, at night. Since the street in front of it is closed off to traffic, it’s best to park a couple of blocks away and walk through the park. There’s something breathtaking about seeing the White House lit up at night. There’s also fewer people and even fewer protesters practicing their first amendment rights.

The picture doesn’t do the White House justice.

Las Vegas

My friends and I just chillin in Vegas.
My friends and I just chillin in Vegas.Vegas baby!

It’s really one of those places you have to do at least once and you have to do with friends. Why? Because what happens in Vegas stays there. And it should. It’s Vegas, baby!

The Vegas strip has its enchantments during the day and night.  While the sun is out, enjoy the view — mountains that cradle the city. If  you’ve never had an In-and-Out burger, here’s your chance. Or if you just want to meander, walk the strip with a drink in your hand from Margaritaville. You can refresh your drink during your walk.

My personal favorite it the Venetian. It’s probably the closest any of us will ever get to centuries-old Venice.  There are singing quartets and gondolas. Want something more modern? The

NKOTB Cruise

Tap into your inner middle schooler and squee
Tap into your inner middle schooler and squee

You, your bestie, and your favorite boy band from middle school on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean.  There really are no words for all the fun you’ll have on this trip. Each year, the members of New Kids on the Block embark on a cruise with more than 2,000 of their fans. From the Port of Miami to the Bahamas and back again, sleep does not exist on this cruise ship hosted by Carnival.  Like Vegas, what happens on the ship stays on the ship…kinda. (Youtube knows why.) Each year there are variations of the itinerary for the cruise but the basics are always the same — day time activities and all night parties.

Oh the good times we had.
Oh the good times we had.

I could go more into details but that’s a whole other post.  Spots go on sale in the fall with the ship leaving late spring/early summer. Keep a look out at NKOTB.com.

Miami Beach

Yes, this was Walgreens.
Yes, this was Walgreens.

Oh, Miami. How amazing you are! And Miami Beach, you are one glamorous lady. My friends and I are want to be beach bunnies and what better place to be a bunny than on Miami Beach. You’ll want to stay on Collins Ave where the hotels back up into the ocean and you’ll have a view like this.

Oh, how this view sang to me!
Oh, how this view sang to me!

Her house

The entire point of the vacationing is to spend time with your best friend. So, if your best friend doesn’t live in the same city you’re in, then visit her in her city and do a staycation. She can be your tour guide and one big part of your trip, the hotel cost, is already out the window. Make memories, save money, and enjoy a city that you’ve never been to with the person who makes you laugh until chocolate milk comes out of your noise.

Now , that’s a vacation!

So what other places did I miss? Where do you go with your best friend on vacation?