My noodle story in print

One of the most rewarding things for a writer is to be published.

I love it when things are published because it’s the fruit of your labor finally for all to see. It’s also a time of nervous second guessing. Did I write what I meant to write? Did it make sense? Are people going to take to it as I expected.

I’ve done this gig long enough to know the answers to those questions. It’s a rite of passage for all writers.

Publishing is another. Here’s what I published today.

The first is the Ramen Noodle story that I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago. It published today in my newspaper The Times (check out the top picture.  It was fun writing it and the picture turned out great. A big thanks to my coworker Henrietta Wildsmith.

The second one I actually wished I had thought about for a blog post first. I was asked by Ray Ruiz, who is the head of the EGMN at the University of Houston, to write my tips for student journalists to become master storytellers.  Here’s what I came up with.   It was a pleasure to write this for Ray and I hope to get to write another post soon. I also hope the students take some of these tips and use them for their careers, which I am sure will be wonderful.

So, in case you didn’t see the links in the post here’s where you can read both of these stories.

Dress up affordable ramen noodles with a few easy tricks.

Practical storytelling advice for the unstoppable student journalist