There were some great writing links floating around social media this past week. Ridiculously good. So good that it was difficult to chose which ones to include in this weeks round up. So, I just included all of them for your viewing pleasure.

Foreshadowing is one of those things that don’t come to writers as easily as you think they should. Here’s some advice from Joanna Penn’s amazing site.

Are you in the query process and are not quite sure what makes an agent say yes? Mediabistro has this great post on letter that have worked.

If you’re a working writer, you look at weekends with hope and depression. You hope for the best but get depressed by Sunday because you didn’t get to do as much as you could have. Here’s some thought on how to structure you weekends to be more productive.

“Write drunk. edit sober.” Did Hemingway mean this literally? This is what happened when someone tried to follow this advice.

What are the best writing apps for iPad? NextWeb.com has a great list and some of these apps are FREE.

After the conversation with Kelsye Nelson from Writer.ly, I thought a check list on what to do the first 90 days of self-publishing was a great idea.

Writing is a verb and daily writing just makes you a better writer. Here’s the argument for that from Writing Forward.

What links did you see this week that you’d like to share? Put them in the comments below.