Sometimes, you need to take a step backward to go forward.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post. It’s not because I’ve run out what to say (that rarely happens). It’s because I needed to concentrate on a few things.

Yes, even I get overwhelmed.

One thing that I’m learning as a writer is that sometimes you have to slow down and concentrate on one thing to make it really great. I got this advice most recently from Francesca Escoto, who is my life/business coach. And she was right in so many ways.

Now that I’ve taken some time, I’m back to blogging. Here’s what I’ve been concentrating on.

Huffington Post

HuffPost clip
My post on HuffPost

I went viral, y’all. Yes, my last post was picked up by  Huffington Post Latino Voices and went everywhere. So many people commented on it on this site, on theirs, and on social media. It was an amazing thing to see people reacting to me work. That’s what’s so exciting about the interwebs and social media. Something like a blog post can be reacted to instantly and can be read by so many people. As a result, you grow your audience and your influence and as a writer this is nothing but a good thing.

I hope to write another post for them soon and write something else for the Guardian, which gave me a start in writing commentary. I love writing for them and the CommentisFree editors rock!

Fiction Classes

My Monday class reading their work
My Monday class reading their work

This is where most of my time went. I promoted and started my online fiction writing classes. The goal, as you know, is to start a writing community and I think this is happening! I’ve got two classes going right now and there is interest starting to build for the next round of classes starting in January.

They are seven week classes and we not only cover the basics but we also workshop pieces and really focus on who we are as writers. It’s a great time and in my class, which I do through Google Hangout, we have everything from published authors to those who have a story in their head and need to figure out how to put it on the page.  I love teaching this class. Consider joining us in January.


Can you believe I have two speaking gigs coming up? It makes me smile just thinking about it.

First, I’m speaking with a group of students at Full Sail University about how to create and manage their artist platform with a heavy emphasis on social media. Essentially, I’m teaching people just about everything I know. I’m up to 40 slides into my presentation and I know I’m forgetting some things. I know something will come up during our discussions and questions will come up.

Secondly, I’m talking with the Shreveport Writer’s Club next month about NaNoWriMo (which sadly I’m not doing this year). I won that sucker last year and it was a blast so I’m excited to teach folks how I was able to do that and still remain relatively sane. Relatively. Well, I have the t-shirt that proves it.


Yes, I know. What about the writing? It’s coming along and in a big way. By stepping back, I was able to return to a short story I’d been working on that just seemed a bit off.  Finally, it’s starting to take shape and the character’s voice is coming through. The subject is a bit taboo and it’s definitely darker than what I’m use to writing. However, it’s exciting that I’m naturally challenging myself to try something a bit different.  I hope to write more about the taboo subject soon — I ‘m still getting my head around it.

And I have gotten some reading done! Yes! As you know, there is no writing unless there is reading. You can check out what I have planned to read and what I’m currently reading on my Goodreads site. Right now, it’s some Raymond Chandler.

How has your writing been going? Have you ever taken a step back to move forward?