A letter to my readers: My research trip so far

Hey guys!
 Just some quick words and thoughts. Thought I’d do this in letter form.
  I am on a train to Missouri and what awaits me is going to be a grand adventure into the second part of my story.
 So it’s dark in the cabin right now and I have my feet up and my iPad on my lap, typing. The train rocks back and forth as if I’m an infant–it’s demanding that I sleep. But I’m too excited.
 I am looking forward to stepping on Missouri soil and letting the city tell me the best thing to do for my characters. I wonder what I’ll see or hear? What will inspire me?
 It’s my first trip there and my first research trip. I’m hoping to absorb everything I need to keep the momentum on the story. It’s beginning to take shape and form and that makes me happy. That means the story is growing roots and soon will be able to be ready for public consumption.
 Onward to Missouri. I’m using my twitter, g+, and instagram to upload photos as I go. Here are some to pique your interest.
 I’ll check in when I can!

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