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Can you believe it’s December 1? I can’t. My mind still thinks its October and I’m surprise that I can’t find candy corn in the stories.

But the calendar, the weather, and the radio are all tell me the same thing, that it’s nearly Christmas time and it’s time to plan the big blog event.

The Holiday Blog Tour 2014 is upon us. This is the third year for the blog tour but the first time for this blog has participated. This tour began on my old blog, Writing To Insanity. Now that I’ve moved over to WordPress, I’ve brought the tour with me.

What exactly is a blog tour? Happy you asked.

It’s exactly what it sounds. It’s a series of blog linked together. Each day, one blog in the group will offer a holiday story. It could be fiction, non-fiction, or memoir. After you read the story, the blog will point you to the next stop on the tour for the next day. Then the same thing happens.

For this particular tour we have eight stops, eight bloggers/writers. Most of the writers here are returning favorites. We have a new writer, Anabel Lucio Morales, who will be joining us for the first time this year.

The entire tour kicks off December 16 and ends December 23.

So who are the writers and their blogs? Without further ado, here are the participants in the third annual Holiday Blog Tour.

Dec. 16, Teresa Carbajal Ravet,

Dec. 17 Nathasha Alvarez,

Dec. 18, Natasha Oliver, Peace and Center

Dec. 19, Nikki Kallio, More Purple Houses

Dec. 20, Lupe Mendez, The Poet Mendez

Dec. 21, Anabel Lucio Morales, My Meandering Thoughts

Dec. 22, Icess Fernandez Rojas,

Dec. 23, Regina Tingle,

Click on these bloggers’ blog and get to know them. Also, stay tuned to this one to learn more about these bloggers!


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