staring at the city

This week, my latest commentary was published in The Guardian and boy did I open up a can of worms today.

As of right now (about 1:30 p.m central) there is more than 129 comments on my commentary. I haven’t read the comments yet but friends have said it’s pretty vicious. Frankly, I expect no less. I wrote somethings that probably set some people on fire.

But that’s the great thing about the Internet, no? It’s the opportunity to express opinions even if people don’t think that they’re valuable.

For Afro Latinos, the internet and more importantly, social media, has been a blessing. Because of  social media’s purpose (the ability to connect people) I can join my fellow Afro Latinos on the east cost and in other parts of the world.

For someone who didn’t grow up with other people who looked, acted, or sounded like her, being able to reach out and talk to other Afro Latinos through Twitter or even this blog has been amazing.

So for my fellow Afro Latinos, I want to know…how has it been for you to connect with others through social media?  What have you discovered through the Internet that you didn’t before?