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Look at that. I’m already a day behind in this 28 day blogging challenge.

But it’s fitting because the theme today is about winning the jackpot and what that means for you.  For me, it’s less about money and more about time.

However, I wouldn’t mind the money if I had to take it.

Time is one of those things we wish we had more of to use. If I wanted something to be endless, it would be time — time with family, time with friends, time to pursue projects, time to write. Just time with things and people that make you blissful. I wish that was never ending.

Sometimes, it seems smiling has a deadline. It’s shorter than a wink, only slightly longer than a thought.

The time outside of happiness or being blissful is so long. Too long. You can mark the passage of that time with each frown or worry wrinkle. The older I get the more I find out that there are too many of those in the world.

For me, my wildest dreams are lived in those moments of bliss. In those moments we are all beautiful and at peace.  When I’m not in them, I yearn for that time so I look to create it everyday, if only of a fraction of a second.

Happiness is worth chasing. Always. (Like that thought? Click to tweet it.)

And in the meantime, in between time, I remind myself that the next session of bliss is around the corner. All I need is to give time some time.