1. How to Edit Your Book from Polly Courtney on Vimeo.


From time to time, I’ll come across a series of really interesting (cool, awesome, amazing) links about writing or self publishing that I’d like to share.  Usually, I like to share them on Twitter or Google+ but some of this stuff is too good to pass up.

1.) Discovered a series of videos from UK writer Polly Courtney on how to self publish your book professionally. (The first video of the series is at the top.) Not only do I really like how straight forward the videos are but I like that they are short and that they are pretty entertaining. To see the rest of the videos, check out her Vimeo page. 

2.) One thing I am so looking forward to once I FINALLY finish writing and publishing my book is publishing in other countries. Here’s an article that told me just how to do that. 

3.) So how do some characters express emotion? Depends on the emotion…and the character. Here’s a breakdown. 

4.) Are you posting to often on social media? Here’s how you know. 

5.) Want to turn your blog into a book? Here’s how you do that.


There you go! Happy reading!