The next start over


Today is the last day of things and the beginning of other things.

I don’t want to go into too many details but I am moving from Louisiana back to Texas. I’m embarking on a new adventure and I feel  a bit like the woman in this picture — on top of a mountain looking below at everything.

The mountain is my career and below is the path I took to get to this point. I can see where the path was smooth and even and where it was the most rocky. I see the fork in the road that I wished I’d taken and the ones I was glad to experience. So many lessons, so many years and the theme to all this is simple really.

Life is a series of starts and stops, start overs but no do overs. It’s up to you to make something of each start and stop. (Click to tweet this)

So here I am, at the beginning of the next start over with paths and paths of lessons behind me. I’m excited for what’s ahead and grateful for what’s behind me now.

You should know, dear reader, that during this transition you will not be left alone.  I’m taking about a month off but this blog will be active in the month of May (while I’m packing and moving). There’s a couple of posts in the can waiting to go live. I also have some friends stopping by to guest post. Here’s some of the topics they’re writing about:

Rising action in mystery stories

  • Lessons I learned writing my first novel
  • Why writers should blog
  • Self promotion 101
  • There’s more topics but I don’t want to give everything away!

Meanwhile, I can always be reached through social media, via Twitter or Google+ and see my move through Instagram.  And of course, you’re welcomed to follow.

I’ll be back in June! See you then!

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